Outdoor activities

Stretching for more than 4,600 square miles across Pennsylvania,The Alleghenies™ is a region of ancient mountains, rushing streams, sparkling lakes and endless miles of trails and roadways. A place of rich history, remarkable scenery and abundant wildlife. Where hikers, cyclists,fishermen, birders and boaters can find virtually endless adventure.

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Ride through the region Bicycling Magazine named one of the “five top bicycle areas in the country.” Explore historic sites, picturesque covered bridges, and endless mountain scenery on roads that wind through an unforgettable landscape. Discover the more than 278 species that can be found in the lands ofThe Alleghenies™. For day hikers, backpackers and all those who love a day spent in the great outdoors, the trails that wind through The Alleghenies will take you to places of rich history, striking beauty and abundant wildlife..

Bike. Tour. Bird. Hike.

The trails and roadways that wind their way through the mountains and valleys of The Alleghenies take cyclists, motorcyclists, and hikers on journeys through a region of history and beauty. Deep woods conceal a maze of single track and challenging hiking trails, miles of blacktop weave their way up ancient mountains, past covered bridges and quiet towns, and forests provide shelter for the abundant wildlife that calls this region home.

Explore the lands of The Alleghenies and discover adventure in every direction.